An Affair with the Moon

An Affair with the Moon by David GilmourAn Affair with the Moon
Random House of Canada
ISBN: 0394223608
January 1993

In his first two novels [Back on Tuesday and How Boys See Girls] David Gilmour took a candid look at romantic and carnal love. With his third novel, he makes a surprising departure and turns his attention to a different kind of love.”He was a bad dog that needed killing.”

That’s how the grisly death of Pascal Charleville was described to police after a weekend visit at the country estate of Harrow Winncup took a nasty turn. Few people were surprised: Harrow had been courting tragedy for years. He was a bright, beautiful boy with a penchant for strong booze and drugs; he also had the unfortunate fate of being the only son to a very wicked mother.

Also at the house that weekend was Christian Blackwood. He and Harrow grew up together, went to Paris together, drank together, went out with girls together, and decided what to do with Pascal Charleville’s body together. An Affair with the Moon is ultimately the story of their relationship–and its astonishing aftermath. It is a story of how one friend turned the others tragedy into his advantage; it is a story of friendship, but it is also a story of revenge.